Ghana in December

We strive to be a platform of sharing cultural experiences and we are excited to invite you to an exciting trip of your lifetime. We are headed to Ghana!! here’s your introduction.

About Beach City Radio

Beach City Radio is an online portal to music, arts and culture and reflects the lifestyle of the adult global urban listener 25-49. The station stream broadcasts both music and talk. 

BEACH CITY RADIO broadcasts on the worldwide web 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our music format offers a diverse and relaxing soulful mix of adult contemporary music, classic hiphop, global rhythms and inspirational gospel. Additionally the station actively seeks to present new and soulful music from the international diaspora. 

The core Beach City Radio listener is a mature, sophisticated, socially conscious individual. A progressive thought-leader who is self-determining, discerning, well-informed with a global consciousness.

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Beach City Radio promotes a positive message of  love, peace inspiration and consciousness.
Beach City Radio cultivates a well-informed audience
Beach City Radio welcomes innovative discerning decision-makers
Beach City Radio is home to opinion leaders, shaping the future
Beach City Radio is for community empowerment

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