Ghana in December: A Travel Journal

The adventure begins as we travel to Ghana for a month and a half of music, arts, culture and business

And so the adventure begins… As many black Americans contemplate whether to expatriate to Ghana and likewise, the nation of Ghana begins to beckon the diaspora to come home, we decided to take a leap of faith and stay in Ghana for more than a month. We believe we can work efficiently remotely, while learning more about Ghana, its folkways and mores. And also seek out business opportunities and resources available to people coming into the nation from the Diaspora. Here, we will share our experiences and share information as we learn and grow in Ghana,

Beyond the Return

In 2019, the President of Ghana proclaimed the Year of Return, a time where black people from all over the Diaspora should return to the shores from whence their ancestors were taken. Dual citizenship was offered to those who chose to move into the nation while business opportunities were highlighted. Africa is calling her children home. Thousands of Black Americans heeded the call. Our biggest celebrities, athletes and influencers converged on Ghana. Many brothers and sisters pulled up stakes and headed across the world to a new life unknown but strangely and definitely spiritually familiar.

In December of 2021, we attended a trade Expo put on by the renowned Dr. Arikana Chihombori-Quao. We were part of a group of more than 300 black business owners from all over the UNited States, the Carribean and the African Continent. While the experience fell short in some ways, it was exceedingly rich for us as we met a lot of like minded people for every part of the Diaspora. This two-week visit ignited contemplations of “what iff…” for us. And so we planned a six week stay in Ghana. As we planned this life adventure, we learned that Ghana in December is a thing- a season full of events, concerts, arts and culture. Hundreds of thousands of Diasporans converge on the nation to celebrate the festive season and to experience the rhythms of African culture. Afrochella takes place during this time. Accra Fashion Week takes place as does the National Arts and Culture Festival. It is a time of incredible culture.