Gun Violence, Gun Control: A Community Contemplation

Lawanda Hawkins, Founder of Justice for Murdered Children and Craig DeLuz – Sacramento School Board member and Gun Rights Advocate have a sober conversation

The unprecedented violence we are seeing in the streets of America is staggering. Mass Shootings, some driven by race hate, others by mental breakdown, have hijacked the national dialogue, Politicians and policy makers wrestle over what is the best policy that will mitigate violence without damaging or curtailing a constituional right.

In our community, the issues are quite prevalent as gun violence rages in the form of gang and drug activity. Leaving victims and grief in abundance. So we gather with the Founder and Executive Director of a victims support group known as Justice for Murdered Children { LaWanda Hawkins has a lot to say on the issue as does renowned podcast host, Sacramento School Board Member and gun rights advocate come together to explore the nuances of the issue,

Check out the dialogue in this video

LaWanda Hawkins – Justice for Murdered Children
Craig DeLuz – Sacramento School Boar Member, Podcaster and Gun Rights Advocate