Pan African Heritage Museum -Cape Coast Ghana

The Quest to build a global campus of history and culture

There is an incredible project in Ghana, one that will engage the Diaspora for generations to come. The Pan African Heritage Museum is located in the Heritage Hills area of Cape Coast Ghana. This facility aims to tell the story of the Diaspora from our beginnings to present day. We always are taught Black History from the perspective of colonial days or slavery. But we don’t tell our stories from the perspectives prior to the arrival of the Europeans. There were kingdoms and great societies. And yet when the Europeans arrived, our treasures were looted, stolen, destroyed and subjusgated.

Kojo Yankah is a former member of Ghana’s Parliament and is leading the way towards the completion of this nearly $50 million facility. Thus far, there iis a substantive digital exhibit on the museum’s website at, and Mr. Yankah is busy raising capital to fund the construction of the physical facility. This effort is anchored with a fundraising gala set for March 6, 2024 in Accra Ghana. This exquisite affair will be attended by political leaders and celebrities alike. The featured spokesperson and performer for the event is the legendary Yovonne Chaka Chaka from South Africa

Listen to this podcast as we speak in depth with Kojo Yankah and provide context of what will be one of the greatest collections of black diasporic history in the world. Listen as Kojo Yankah joins us from Cape Coast Ghana, to share the whys and wherefores of this great museum . In the meantime, go to to see the entire digital exhibit. Learn how you can support the building of this great edifice and open your hearts and mind towards a consciousness of history. OUR history.