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On this platform, we strive to present community dialogue. Casual, yet compelling conversations on topics of the day. Music, arts and culture from all over the diaspora are featured here.

And as we look across the diaspora, the record store experience is woven into the dna of American pop culture. Many of today’s global and iconic stars would not have been so were it not for the all important frontline of the community record store, VIP Records in Long Beach, CA, is one of those essential music discovery platforms. Joining with us to celebrate 50 years as a center of culture is !VIP Records CEO Kelvin Anderson, Alonzo Williams – the Godfather of West Coast HipHop and renowned broadcaster Greg Mack,

This will be a very interesting conversation with Margaret Kreeger, Esq, a renowned industry instrumental in breaking barriers to segments of the working industry. These breakthroughs led to the formation of the Black Stuntmen and Women’s Association.

Violence is in the land. Families and communities are grieving, yet the world is crying out for Gun Control. We talk about it here with the Executive Director of Justice for Murdered Children – LaWanda Hawkins. Joining us from Sacramento is School Board member , podcast host and Gun Rights Advocate Craig DeLuz. This is a sobering discussion as we grapple with recent mass shootings across the nation.

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